Small Decisions That Make an Impact

I have a heart for evangelism. I love to see people accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord. I honestly think that most Christians enjoy it too. In fact, I believe that most Christians want to share their faith. They simply find themselves scared about doing it for fear of inadequacy in knowledge. Not only do they find it hard to share their faith, but they often do not know who to share it with. So let me give you some simple actions you can do that will have an impact for eternity and help lead people to Jesus.

1. Pray for the weekend service and sermon. I firmly believe that prayer is the greatest thing you can do to help the Church reach out with the gospel.

2. Arrive at Church early. This will give you time to talk, meet people and show you are excited about worship.

3. Park far away from the door. Save the very best parking spots for guests.

4. Talk to people you do not know. Personally commit to talking to at least 3 families or individuals you do not know. Ask questions about them (not personal questions) and then listen for their response without interrupting. Take a genuine interest in others.

5. Sit near the front and in the worst seats in the auditorium. Save the best seats for the guests at Church each week. Save the seats at the back till last. Sit close together so there are plenty of seats for guests who arrive later.

6. Volunteer to help. This can be done formally in the nursery, children’s program or as a greeter. It can also be done informally. As you talk to guests help them to know where the children’s programs, bathrooms and worship area are located. Personally tell them and take them where they need to go.

7. Give financially. The Church needs your financial gifts to keep reaching out. For example; we have given away 3 boxes of older bibles to the food pantry and replaced them with new Bibles. This has helped to streamline the Bible reading in the program. It has also given us the opportunity to give away 9 new Bibles to people the last two weeks. Maybe someone will read the Bible for the first time. Great – But the Bibles cost $150 a box. Your gifts help make that happen.

8. Talk to more people after service. I know of a growing Church that tells their people to talk only to strangers for the first 5 minutes after worship. Our tendency is to try and catch-up with people and forget that a guest might want to know more about the Church after a worship service.

9. Invite guests to lunch. Use your lunch on Sunday (even once a month) as a tool for God. Invite people to lunch and tell them you will pay. Even if they do not go with you, they will appreciate the invitation.

10. Speak well of your Church family. When you speak to people about the Church, be sure and tell all the goods things you like about the Church and the people who attend there. Every time you speak ill of someone you are basically saying, “You do not want to be a part of this Church.”

These are simple things you can do to help the Church spread the message of Jesus. I like how one person said it, “Church is a team sport.” Great worship or a powerful sermon will not grow the Church if the people are not “guest friendly.” The gospel is spread when the Church works together to share Jesus is very visible and in very unnoticed ways. I will be ready for a great service this weekend, but I need your help to really make an impact.


One thought on “Small Decisions That Make an Impact

  1. So needed to hear. Other than the financial gifts which I cannot afford, I do a love tithing and ask God to multiply it. I do this with my actions as well as my money. I have to say since I have not felt worthy of gods love and even though I have started feeling better about myself since I’ve lugged into and started helping at Children’s church I have still felt inferior. Thank you for letting me know the “non $ things help grow our kingdom also. I pray for our church but will start praying daily for your sermons but also our children’s messages and Sunday school teachers and the words you share through your blogs. Thanks for helping this sinful girl know that even though people (non Christian) label my church ad hypocrites and that I am inferior as a person, our god says differently!!! Thank You…and please keep feeding me.

    Debbie Hill


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