The People in My Life

Recently I have been thinking about all of the relationships in my life. I have also been looking at the relationships that other people have in their lives. I believe that we all need a number of relationships in our lives to help us grow and mature as people and especially as believers. Here is the list of people I think we all need.

1. A Supporter – We all need someone who believes in us. For many of us this person has been a parent or family member. We all need someone one in the stands cheering our name for even the smallest of accomplishments.

2. A 100% Honest Person – All of us have blind spots in our lives. Many other people notice those issues we have but will never say anything for fear of hurting us. We all need someone to speak truth into our lives. 2 Timothy 4:3 “For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.” Timothy needed to watch out for people who will not listen to the truth.

3. A Person Who Loves Us Unconditionally – All of us long for love. It sends us home for the holidays or out on dates or even into the destructive relationships if we feel a little bit of love. I ultimately believe this is fulfilled in Jesus, but I think each of us needs this physically present in our lives also. We need someone who will care about us not matter what happens.

4. An Encourager – When life gets rough we need someone to put their arm around us and help us back up. We need someone who sees the good in us. Someone who will stand beside us while pushing us on to better things. A good teacher can be an excellent example of this.

5. A Friend – All of us need someone to talk to, to do activities with, to share our lives with in an enjoyable way.

I know this is not an exhaustive list. I guess I keep thinking about the fact that we need people in our lives who will be there during the hard times and people who are willing to say the hard things. We need the truth spoken to us in love. Now maybe for some people we have relationships in our lives that one person or one couple people fulfill numerous roles for us. For example, we have a parent who loves us unconditionally, while supporting and encouraging us. I know that we need ALL of these relationships in our life. I continually see people’s lives wrecked by having an incomplete list of people they need. Many people who have no one to speak truth into their lives. They live without honesty and it leads to destruction. Others have no real love in their life and it makes them have false ideas about themselves.

All of this has me thinking about the relationships I have in my life. Do I have everyone I need? What could I do to add more and better relationships?

But then I take a long look in the mirror and ask, “What kind of a person am I?” Sometimes I don’t need more friends, sometimes I need to be a better friend to others.

One thought on “The People in My Life

  1. You know Matt, as i read your posts and listen to your sermons, they alwyas touch a place inside me where i need help.
    I am struggling with relationships in my life and know that my walk with Jesus should be enough but sometimes the pain that is caused by those we are closes too overshadows the truths God speaks to me daily.
    I posted a wall hanging in my office for the times my feeling get the best of me.
    My Thoughts God Say And then a bible verse
    It’s impossible All things are possible Matt. 11:28
    I’m too tired I will give you rest John 3:16
    Nobody Loves Me I love you 2 Corinthians 12:9
    I can’t go on My grace is sufficent Proverbs 3:5-6
    I am not able I am able 2Cor. 9:8
    Its not worth it It will ber worth it Romans 8:28
    I can’t forgive myself I forgive you 1 John 1:9
    I’m affraid I hve not given you a spirit of fear 2 Tim. 1:7
    I’m worried Cast all your cares on me 1Peter 5:7
    I feel alone I will never leave you Hebrews 13:5
    I can’t manage I will supply all of your needs Philippians 4:19

    I have so been trying to turn to God’s word anytime i make a decision and if that decision lines up with the word of God i try to trust my decision. It’s just sometimes the battle is to hard. I want to give up on life and just live between my 4 walls and never have to see anyone because the pain those people i love the most cause it makes me want to give up, like im never going to be good enough.

    I need to learn to love with a right heart and stay in peace with my father ever when those i Love the most Rejects me. But then i find a scripture that helps me to hold on, like the one listed below.
    “Don’t be afraid. Just stand still and watch the Lord rescue you today….

    The lord himself will fight for you. Just stay calm” Exodus 14:13-14

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