Keep Growing

I firmly believe it is important to keep growing mentally and spiritually as a follower of Christ. That conviction has led me to doing several things almost everyday.

1. Take time to read the Bible and pray. Simple enough to understand.

2. Read something everyday. I read blogs, magazines, newspapers and books. Honestly, I am amazed at the number of times God has used some seemingly worthless information in my life. It becomes illustrations, conversation starters, life lessons or simply underlining the need for God and his grace.

3. Start a conversation with someone. God has surrounded us with an enormous amount of knowledge in the brains of other people. Ask questions and listen to the answers.

4. Use the internet for good. While there is so much bad stuff on the internet, there is also an enormous amount of good. If you want to know how to do anything practical then just do a YouTube search. Someone has probably made a video about how to do it. I now use it for everything from advice on certain situations, information about purchases to detailed explanations of Biblical passages from multiple points of view. I no longer need to search out a special person or book because it is all at my fingertips. Take a few minutes away from Facebook and Twitter to learn something useful.

5. Listen to something educational. I try to listen to at least 1 sermon a week or 52 sermons a year. With podcasts I can listen to the best preachers in the world at no cost and no travel. I can also weed out topics of no interest to me and focus on sermons that teach me and stretch me. I keep somewhere around 1,000 podcasts of sermons and lessons downloaded and ready to go at all times.

I hear people tell me all the time that they “just need to be fed.” Usually that means they cannot get involved or help out somewhere because they will be out of our weekly worship time. Being a preacher is a unique because I am doing the “feeding” on Sunday morning. No one is feeding me and that means I am required to feed myself. These are some of the simple things I do to keep myself growing. Maybe they can help you too.

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