Your Legacy

I was recently reading an article and it contained a line that caught my attention. The article said, “Your future son-in-law will determine your legacy.” The writer went on to explain how he had witnessed strong Christian people whose daughter had married a non-Christian. The marriage was a mess, often ending in divorce, and this great Christian couple now had grandchildren who were far from God.

As I read this article I thought back over my years as a pastor and I was reminded of the influence not just of son-in-laws but also daughter-in-laws. I have seen the influence on all sides by the in-laws from brother-in-laws to mother-in-laws. It is definitely true to say that “Your future in-laws may determine your spiritual legacy.”

Why is that significant to us? As parents and grandparents we need to guide the next generation on who they date and who they eventually marry. It will not only be the biggest decision of their life but also of the little lives they will raise.

I see too many Christian parents who take a passive role in their child’s love life. The end result is often a tragedy and not a fairy tale.


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