Treasure Hunting

I once read an article that stated “We know more than I do.” The article has stuck with me not just because of its odd title, rather because of its simple point. Each one of us has an amount of knowledge we bring to a group. In a Church you may know more about things than I do and I may know more about some things than you do. Then end equation is that together we know more than any individual can know alone. One of the beautiful parts of Church is the pooled knowledge we have together.

With that said, I learned something from a Church member this week. I sat talking to a man and he told me about how he liked to treasure hunt. My ears perked up because I spend most Fridays out somewhere with my metal detecting looking for some treasure from days long past. Then he went on to explain what he meant. There is a lot of junk in the world. There are a lot of voices speaking ugly and negative words. There are way more discouraging thoughts being shared than positive ones. He learned from a preacher years ago that everyday you need to go treasure hunting. You need to be intentionally looking for the positive and encouraging words that build us up. Find those things in your life and treasure them up in your heart.

I love the idea. I am now not only spending my days off treasuring hunting, but everyday. A word properly spoken can bring great joy so may my mouth be filled with them and my ears be attentive to them. I hope and pray that the weeks ahead are full of treasure for you.


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