Christmas Movies

I believe Christmas has some of the best movies to watch over and over again. They give us simple lessons in stories we can all identify with. I watch them myself, I enjoy them with my wife and I have used them to teach my kids. Here are my top 5 favorite Christmas movies and why.

5. Elf – I generally don’t like Santa Claus movies but this is the exception for me. I love Buddy’s joy in life and his desire to have a family, especially a father. The movie makes me smile and feel good about the holiday season.

4. A Christmas Carol – This is a timeless classic that has been redone thousands of time. The heart of the story is a transformation of character in light of death. What a powerful truth to reexamine every year.

3. The Grinch Who Stole Christmas – The idea that Christmas might be more than gifts. The idea that a heart can be changed inside of anyone. This is a classic transformation story that is done in a catchy and memorable way.

2. It’s a Wonderful Life – Do I need to say more? When the people are pouring their money out for George Bailey at the end I get a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye every time – even after 20 viewings.

1. Charlie Brown Christmas – Nothing beats Charlie Brown stopping in the middle of the movie to read the Christmas story from the gospel of Luke. The funny looking tree and the garbled voice teacher add to the fun, but it is the animated reminder of the true meaning of Christmas that makes this my favorite.

What would you add to the list and why? I know there are other funny and cute movies that I like, but these are my favorites for their spiritually redeeming qualities. I hope you enjoy the holiday and make time to sit down and watch one good movie as a family.

One thought on “Christmas Movies

  1. The Rankin and Bass stop motion trilogy — especially The Year without a Santa Clause

    A Christmas Story — classic

    Scroodged — because I love Murray

    Die Hard — does this count? Awesome either way

    Trading Places — gets too long, but holds a place in my heart

    Gremlins– it’s been a while

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