2014 Review For Me

I like to take a few moments each year to reflect and on the previous year. Here are my personal statistics.

-Preached 51 times on Sunday morning
-Preached at 2 special programs (Thanksgiving & Christmas Eve)
-Taught 25 Sunday School Lessons
-Taught 5 youth group lessons
-Gave 4 leadership devotions
-Baptized 4 people personally
-Wrote 242 blog posts – which had 6,724 views by 1,948 unique visitors
-Attended 2 conferences (1 on marriage and 1 on change)
-Traveled 4,000 miles in a U-haul
-Led two Churches for 6 months each
-Uncounted number of prayers, meals with people, counseling sessions, visiting and miscellaneous work.

All in all it was a good year. God has continued to use me and bless me in numerous ways.

I have been reflecting on this past year and I have been thinking of all that God has taught me or at least re-taught me. Here a couple of thoughts.

1. Where God Guides God Provides. I heard this phrase early in ministry and it has proven true over and over again. This year God provided me with a place to move, a ministry to lead, funds for a U-haul, a house in Missouri, the sale of our house in Alaska, and every day with food and shelter. I have not missed any payments and have had items replaced that I had to leave behind (like mattresses) through other people’s generosity. When you take a new path because you are trying to follow God, I firmly believe He will show up in unbelievable ways.

2. Do Your Best for God and Let Him Provide the Results. I was looking over my blog stats for the year and I was amazed. In 2013 I wrote 201 post and had 1026 views by 240 unique visitors. This year I had about 9 times as many visitors and over 6 times as many views. What did I do different in 2014? Almost nothing. I promoted my blog through the Church I serve and I know that Adrian Church is bigger than Homer, but that does not explain all the unique visitors. I find that God takes what I write and somehow connects it with people who need to hear it. God continues to use my life and ministry to bless, encourage and teach other people in ways that I could not do on my own. Last year I had the opportunity to baptized 4 people and only 1 of those was I really working with in 2013. Two of them I didn’t even know existed. God brought people into my life that needed to hear what I had to say. He has used me last year and I know He will use me this year. I know He can do the same for you.

What happened for you in 2014? What lessons did God teach you or remind you of during the year? I look forward to a great 2015 because the God who led me in 2014 is still in charge. Praise God.


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