My Son

6209 days ago I became a parent for the first time. That is 887 weeks of being excited, scared, confused, worried, hopeful, proud, angry, sad, happy and every other emotion that God created in the human heart. I am my son’s biggest fan and his greatest critic. I used to feel sick to my stomach before I had to be in the spot light and now I am sick for him each and every time he performs. He turned my world upside down.

Before my son was born my wife used to babysit for kids in the Church. The sad result was that she thought I would be a terrible parent. I didn’t seem to care about the kids or connect with them in anyway. In fact, I couldn’t wait to get the little monsters out of my house. One time I even tried to be nurturing and got a cute little puppy. A few months later it was hit by a car and that was the end of the experiment. I looked doomed to spend my life as a grumpy old man with no soft side.

Then my son was born. It took over 20 hours of labor and he came into the world with his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck while the doctor pulled him out with what looked like salad tongs. The moment he came into the world my heart was transformed. God has been remaking my heart and he has used my children to help in that process.

Hopefully those of you who are parents know what I mean.

So today I want to thank God for children. More than that, I want to thank God today for my oldest son.


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