The Rundown

The past few days have been filled with numerous ups and downs in my life and in the life of the Church. I thought today I would just give a quick rundown of some of those events.

1. The Good Friday community worship program went well. This is a combined worship service by the local Baptist, Methodist, Assembly of God and our Christian Church. We had 85 people come out for a worship program on Friday night. It was a great evening of worship, fellowship and study of the scripture. We also raised $800 that will be given back to people with financial needs in our community.

2. My Holy Saturday was eventful. Early in the morning I received a text that my dad had a stroke. At first it was described as “massive,” but has since been downgraded. I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and especially their prayers. Your outpouring of love and support has been wonderful.

3. Easter was another powerful experience. We started the day with a breakfast for everyone. I have no idea how much food was cooked by our men, but there was a large group who showed up and enjoyed the meal. Then we kicked off worship for the day. We had 204 people in worship including 33 kids in our Children’s Church. It was especially great knowing we had several of our regular attendees gone for the holiday weekend. We had numerous guests and a great day of worship of our Risen Lord.

4. After the dust of Easter settled I was able to talk to my mother about the situation with my dad. Upon discussion by my family we decided to head out as a family to Indiana to be with my father. It was a long day with 8 hours of travel but we arrived safely late in the evening. Thanks for all the prayers for safety.

5. Today I was able to go to the hospital and see my dad. Actually he was better than I expected. He is having trouble swallowing and is being fed through a tube. He speech is slurred but I can understand him if he talks slowly and deliberately. Finally, the right side of his body is gaining strength while his face is a little droopy. As you might imagine, he was happy to see me and excited to see his grandsons. The doctors are optimistic and pleased with his recovery already. Words cannot express my appreciate for all of your prayer on his behalf.

I can’t give you a lot of spiritual lessons that are currently on my mind. I keep thinking about how much I love my family, how I have been blessed by having great parents and how thankful I am to have just one more day with my dad. Everyday we are given is a precious gift from God and I hope we all get to spend them with people that we love.


One thought on “The Rundown

  1. So glad to hear you made it safely to your fathers side. I believe their is no greater medicine in this world then having those you Love and care about by your side in the midst of tragedy and sickness. True Love can heal wounds, bring strength and calm our deepest fears. I am so thankful that God brought your family here to Adrian from Alaska. I know it was still 8 hours to your Dads bedside but such a blessing that you weren’t still in Alaska.

    Sadness can fill our hearts when tragedy strikes but Love can conquer all!!!

    God Bless you all and prayers for continued healing and strength for your Dad.

    Love in Christ
    Debbie Hill

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