Subtle Differences

Sometimes the little things make a huge difference. Recently I was fishing and a guy who was fishing very near me was catching twice as many fish as me. Upon closer examination I realized he was using a different color jig. I changed and my productivity went up. He was still out fishing me though. So I looked closer and he was using a longer rod with lighter line and this also allowed him to use a little smaller jig. It was a subtle difference that was making a big difference.

That simple experience got me thinking about the subtle differences in life. Two families may sit down and eat together every night but one is much closer than the other. That is because one family puts their phones away during dinner. Two families go to Church every week. One has children who are following God and the other does not. That is because one family prays together daily. Two people attend the same Church at the same time every week. One has lots of friends and the other has very few. That is because the one person never asks other people how they are doing.

So often it is easy to look at two situations and think they are the same and then marvel about the different results. If you had walked up and saw me fishing beside this guy with the same color jig you might have assumed we would have the same result. Not the case, simply because of some small overlooked details.

Maybe to have a better walk with God, a better marriage, deeper relationships, and a host of other things it would be beneficial to look at small subtle things we could change. A prayer, a kind word, holding hands, a day off, a cell phone shut off could make a big difference in your life. Maybe change is found today in the details.

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