I was flying down the highway when I saw a lump in the left lane ahead. I immediately thought it was a skunk, opossum or a armadillo that did not get across the road. As I got closer I was surprised to see a turtle. He was moving as fast as his little legs could carry him. The other side of the road offered a grassy area with a large pond and he was on the move to get there. He had already crossed one lane of traffic and was halfway across the other. There was a clearing in the traffic and he had a very real possibility of making it.

That got me thinking about how many animals make it across the road every day and every night. We see their unfortunate friends and family who don’t make it lying everywhere. Smashed, bloodied and dead they are scattered across highways and even city streets. Little reminders that risk taking can be fatal. A casual drive down the road would make you think a journey across the road is impossible. But this little turtle reminded me that it is not.

All this has me thinking about the obstacles in my life that stand between me and my dreams. Sure others have tried to do great things and have failed miserably. That does not mean that it cannot be done. People achieve great things in their work, family, home and personal life everyday. They have marriages that last 50 plus years, children who grow up to follow Jesus, jobs that help their community, and a hundred other little great things. Many of them go unnoticed. Failures make front page news and Facebook posts while success is often done quietly and slowly by those who dare to do great things.

I like to think that turtle made it safely across the road. Right now he is swimming in a big pond beside a grassy pasture and enjoying his life. All he had to do was get across that road. Now what is keeping you from enjoying your life and doing something remarkable?


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