A hero is defined as someone who is admired for their brave deeds or noble qualities. We often think of heroes in terms of those who do an amazingly significant event. They pilot a plane full or people to safety or they fight a battle that saves hundreds of lives. But I am convinced that most heroes exhibit their noble qualities in much smaller ways. They make daily sacrifices for others while making brave decisions that can change people’s lives.

Why do I say all of this? Because I am celebrating the heroes of my life.

First – today is National Teacher Day. My life has been molded and shaped by teachers. I have encountered some great teachers in the public school and in the college I attended. They have molded not only my life, but also the lives of my children. I am thankful for the hours they put into their work and their willingness to share their lives. Many of them or my heroes.

Second – today is my Dad’s birthday. Freddie Lewis Harris was born on May 5, 1935. That makes him 80 years old today. One month ago I didn’t think we would see this day. He had a stroke and the initial report didn’t sound good. But now he is home and watching a movie, because he demanded no more doctors visits today. His life has been marked by sacrifice for his children, love of his wife and service at his Church. He is my hero.

All of us have heroes in our lives. Those people who give, love and sacrifice themselves for the good of others. Today I send up a prayer of thanksgiving for you. I hope that you would do the same for the heroes in your life.


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