For Mother’s Day Weekend

With this Sunday being Mother’s Day I thought I would share a couple of the valuable life lessons my mother taught me.

1. Humble Service – Mom has rarely been a formal leader. She spends most of her time quietly serving other people. She takes care of dad and her children. She helps out at Church (usually in the kitchen). Her life is marked by doing far more than public title or recognition.

2. Timing is Everything – She taught me to hold onto some information until the appropriate time. Things like, “We will tell dad that when he is in a good mood.”

3. Give Generously – My mother gives us produce, jelly and freshly made noodles. She has offered money to help all of her children. She gives generously to the Church. I can never recall a time I felt like she was stingy or unwilling to give.

4. Marriage Commitment – I know living with dad has not been easy (he is hard-headed like me), but they have remained together for 55 years. Through the years I have watched their marriage change with each new season as they have grown old together.

5. Aging Well – My mother has a gentle and caring spirit that just gets sweeter with time. She has not turned into a bitter old lady or a speechless mouse. Instead she has grown in kindness, love and grace.

These are obviously not all of the lessons that my mother taught me through the years. She has shown me that it is okay to taste a little of everything to make sure it is fit to eat. She has shown me that spilling food on your shirt is nothing to get excited about. She taught me that the French language has some colorful words and I should “pardon her French.”

Through the years she has made me smile and laugh all while keeping a good heart. I thank mom for the lessons she has taught me and the model she has been as a person.

I hope this weekend you will thank your mother for the life lessons she taught you.


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