I Did My Best

Yesterday I was a part of a funeral here in Adrian. The program was slated to start off with a special service from the Masons to honor the deceased’s heritage. Evidently there was some miscommunication and instead of the 10-12 men who were expected to perform the ceremony only 3 showed up. Charles introduced himself and apologized for the lack of attendance and said the group would proceed as planned to “honor their brother.”

Charles had 5-6 typed pages of material to read and he meticulously read through every word. Things were going okay until he reached the part where there were symbols to be displayed and explained before placing them in the coffin. Because the rest of the group did not show up Charles was left empty-handed. He said, “Now here I should have ______.” The interesting part was that he proceeded as though nothing were missing. He mentioned the missing symbol and then went on to explain what should be happening.

At the end of their 15 minute ceremony Charles read the last word and finally dropped the papers he had been reading. He looked intently over to the family and said, “I did my best.”

The family smiled and he walked over to shake their hands. He told each one of his sorrow at their loss and his appreciation for the deceased. It was very clear that his intentions were good even though not everything had gone as planned.

I sat in my corner chair watching all of this unfold. I wanted to help the poor guy but I also felt he was honoring the family and the deceased simply by doing his best.

Most of the time in the Christian life the work we do does not need to be perfect, we just need to do our best. When we give our best effort, I believe our heart connects with God’s power and great things happen. Today I have recommitted to continually giving my best, no matter how difficult the situation seems.


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