Little Miracles

A miracle is defined as something that happens defying the natural process of events by some outside force, usually God. This idea is easy to understand in big instances. A person is healed of a disease, a person regains health after all seemed lost or the Biblical stories of the dead rising.

Lately though I am coming to redefine my idea of miracles. I am no longer thinking of them just in grandiose ways, but even in small ways. There are times that God seems to break in and touch our world in small somewhat insignificant ways. This can happen in thousands of ways – A sermon is delivered about the exact topic you are struggling with, a person’s opens their heart to change after years of rejection or maybe friend does just the right thing to help you make it through another day.

What if miracles come in other ways? They might even come in smaller and smaller ways – a parking spot opens up when you are in a hurry, you unexpectedly find something that you really need on sale or kind word changes the direction of your day.

I once heard a preacher say that trying to see the hand of God in this world is like looking through stained glass. You can only see through it if you strain your eyes and look really, really close.

The hand of God may be all around us, all we have to do is look closely.


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