Ordinary Days

Most of the Bible tells us stories of extraordinary days. The stories pick up with the king’s edict or an angel appearing or the death of someone important. We get an inside look at the high points of people’s lives when they are experiencing close encounters with the divine.

I will be honest with you, it is one of the things I dislike the most about the Bible. The reason I dislike this feature is because most of my days are not extraordinary. Most of my days are filled with eating, sleeping, working, office time and talking with people. I have never been the victim of the king’s edict, seen an angel or had to fill the shoes of a dead prophet. My life is mostly ho-hum and ordinary.

Then I begin to wonder. Maybe life is really the result of a thousand ordinary days. When the extraordinary happens we get to see what was formed in the heart of a person over the daily grind of life. Perhaps character, especially Godly character, is the result of giving my life to God in the ordinary. Then when a big event happens character is revealed and not created.

So today I am living this ordinary day trying to prepare my soul for when God is ready to do something special with my life.

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