Three Lessons From My Move to Missouri One Year Ago

The past year has been full of life lessons but I wanted to share the three biggest concepts that have been reinforced in this year.

1. Following Christ Brings People Together. No matter where I have gone in the world I have a common bond with anyone who follows Jesus. I traveled 4,000 miles to lead a group of people I had barely met with our only connection coming through Christ. Over this last year they have accepted me, welcomed my family and showed all of us love. I think it is easy to forget that being in Jesus Christ makes us a part of a connected group all over the world.

2. People Everywhere Have the Same Struggles. It doesn’t matter whether you live in Alaska or Adrian you still have some of the same basic problems. People everywhere struggle with sin and its effects. Marriages and families are under attack. Pornography destroys relationships. Forgiveness is hard. Sin is ugly, evil is real, and all of us struggle at some point.

3. All People Need Grace. No matter where in the world you live you need love, forgiveness and grace. Once sin creeps into your life you need some way to deal with the destruction it leaves. The alternative is to hold onto your shame, guilt and regret. Grace is the key to freedom. That message is needed in Alaska, Missouri and also in South America and Russia and Kansas City. Our common bond should be used to defeat the sin that seeks to destroy us all as we serve as the messengers of His Grace.

Like I said, I have learned and relearned a lot of things over the past year. These are the big ones that have impacted me again. Hopefully they will bless your life no matter where you live.

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