A Recap of the Past Week

Words can never seem to express the depth of gratitude I have for all of the people who donated their time in the service of the Lord through our Vacation Bible School program.
Still I want to shout “THANK YOU” to all of you in my blog.

1. Thanks to all the people who planned and prepared since January for this one event.

2. Thanks to Ike for planning, purchasing and creating our decorations for the week. His creativity every year ceases to amaze me.

3. Thanks to everyone who stayed after Church on July 5th to set up all of the decoration, move furniture and get everything ready. I especially thank all of the teens who gave their time that day to set up so much.

4. Thanks to Tisha, Hannah and Stacey who worked behind the scenes with registration and getting paperwork in order.

5. Thanks to everyone who made registration go well the first night. I believe we had 137 different children through our program this week.

6. Thanks for all those involved with music, crafts, activities and Jaron for the lesson.

7. A special thanks to Martha Reid for organizing the kitchen and to all the ladies who came and prepared the food each night. It was great to see you here early along with your laughter and joy. It was a great example of what ministry should be like for everyone.

8. Thanks to everyone who stepped up to help make my Jr. Mission events a success. Thanks Ike, Anna, Stacey, Hunter, Mallory, Brohde, Sue and Brian.

9. Thanks to all the kids who attended each night (average around 122 a night) and I especially want to thank all the kids who performed yesterday.

10. Thanks to everyone who stayed around yesterday and helped to tear everything down and put it all away while cleaning the building up. Many hands made light work.

I am sure there is someone or some group I forgot. I apologize. We had about 100 people volunteer in large and small ways over the last week. It is all deeply appreciated. You may not feel like your little contribution means much, but every little piece is an important part of the big puzzle.

Yesterday after Church we had one person rededicate their life and one person who stated that they want to be baptized (hopefully next Sunday). Those are immediate responses but I firmly believe the effects of this week will be felt for years to come. A seed was planted and one day their will be a harvest. Thanks to all the workers in the vineyard of Adrian.

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