What Did I Do With My Time?

Tomorrow is the last day of July. August is upon us. As I have talked to people this week and mentioned the coming month the response is usually the same, “Where has the summer gone?”

I completely understand that they are saying. Time seems to have flown by this summer. Which usually begs the question “Where did the time go?”

I think maybe a better question is “What did I do with my time?”

For me, I want to ask some questions for every season of life to help understand where the time went and what I have accomplished.

Did I grow as a believer? I know this is hard to measure in many ways but there are simple metrics to help us. How many pages and chapters of the Bible did I read? How many Christian books did I read? How many times did I attend worship? Was I a part of Christian Small group or Sunday School? Did I invest time in my faith?

Did I touch another person’s life? Have I invested any time into other people? This could come in large ways like building a lifetime friendship or it can come in small ways like offering a cup of cold water to a neighbor. How many people did I invite into my home? How many moments of encouragement did I bring into the world through my words and actions? Is there anyone thankful for my life right now?

Did my relationships grow? Is my relationship with my parents, my spouse, my siblings, my children better today than before? How much time did I spend with the people I love? How many deep conversations did I have lately? How many important phone calls did I make? How many visits?

Did I improve my world through my gifts? Lately was my life more focused on me getting what I want or me blessing other people? How many times did I help someone with a project? How many needs did I fill in the world? How much of my time was given away to other people?

Where did your time go? When you look back on this summer was it a time of growth or stagnation?

We would all agree that there are seasons when time seems to fly. There are days when we do not seem to have enough time to accomplish everything we want to get done. Often the problem is how much time was wasted on trivial issues. The real question is, “Did I/you do anything that really matters?”

If you do not feel happy with any of your answers about this summer; I am sorry. But I also have good news. Fall is coming and you still have time to make your life count. Why not start today?


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