One Way to Make an Impact

Last week my son went to a Christ in Youth conference. After he returned home I had the opportunity to go out to eat with him. We talked about the week and what had an impact on his life. He was not terribly impressed with the speakers although one he really enjoyed. He was not moved by the music and unending repetition of choruses. He did not even feel the emotion as other members of the group shared their hearts and demonstrated their desire to change. What made a difference to him was the presence of the youth sponsors. It impressed him to see someone else who loved Jesus who was willing to share their life with him.

I was reminded of two similar experiences in my life. First, I went to visit Ozark Christian College during their “Ambassadors Rally” while I was in high school. I remember only a couple of things about that experience. One of them was Rich Mullins and the other was the super nice students who shared their room when I had nowhere else to stay. Second, later in life I would attend OCC and they would tell us before every big event that our interactions with the high school students will have a bigger impact than the rest of the event. I completely understood what they were saying since part of the reason I chose OCC was because of some really nice students who stepped into my life during an event.

Quite often the biggest impact of our lives will not be in the events we put together or the classes we taught, but rather in the times we opened up our lives.

I am thankful for the people who shared their life with me. It definitely had an impact. I am thankful for the sponsors who opened up their life to my son. I know it had an impact on him.

I wonder who will be thankful for my life. What about you?


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