Take Time to Live

In the middle of the rush of the days leading up to school I have a simple invitation for you. Take time today to truly live. We spend too many days just trying to “get through them.” Take some time today and try to live in the moment.

What if today…

You called your parents and had a conversation.

You sat down with your children and asked about their life.

You walked across the street and spoke with a neighbor you haven’t spoken to lately.

You wrote a love letter to your spouse.

You gave someone a little gift unexpectedly.

You shut off your phone, TV and internet and just see where your evening goes.

You called up an old friend and went out for a beverage.

You visited the graveside and just cried.

You invited a church member into your home.

You stopped by the nursing home and shared some time with a senior citizen.

You went to the lake and sat quietly to pray.

You sat alone on your porch just watching a quiet hour pass.

You went for a walk with someone you love and spoke.

You ate a meal with someone in need.

You pulled out the old board games and just had fun.

You took out your photo albums and took a walk down memory lane.

What if today you took some time to enjoy your life? What if you shared your life and brought joy to someone else. The work will still be there tomorrow. Take time to live today.


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