“HALT”ing Bad Decisions

In the world of behavior addictions there is an acronym that is used frequently to help people think through their times of vulnerability. This acronym is H.A.L.T. and the idea is that we can HALT bad decisions by not letting ourselves get too –

H – hungry
A – angry
L – lonely
T – tired

The concept is simple: when you find yourself overly hungry or angry or lonely or tired you will make the worst decisions. This is especially true with addictions whether it be drugs, alcohol, sex or overeating. I think it applies to almost all poor decisions.

I was thinking about this today as my children go back to school. The changes in schedule will often lead to at least three of these if not all four. You need to be aware of this in your children. You need to be aware of it in yourself.


One thought on ““HALT”ing Bad Decisions

  1. As I was cleaning up my email this morning I read several of your recent posts which talked straight to my heart as always.
    But this particular post addressed some issues with problems I’ve been working on; lack of sleep, boredom, loneliness , overrating, feelings of rejection, anger, irritation, bitterness and not being loved by my family.

    I love this acronym. I will be using it to help me refocus.
    Thank you

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