Totally Random Thoughts

1. I had a wonderful weekend. I hope you did too.
-Blackhawks won on Friday. Both my boys on varsity caused a fumble that lead to a TD.
-My son Logan turned 16 and hopes to be driving by the end of the week. (I feel like I am going to lose more hair:-)

2. Sunday morning worship went well. We had a few obstacles to overcome but everything came together. Thanks for everyone’s kind words about the sermon. You can listen to all my old sermons at our website –

3. I love this article about praying for your pastor – 4 Weird and Wonderful Ways to Pray for Your Pastor

4. I give God all the glory for a sermon being a “home run.” Somehow he takes my words and connects them to the experiences and lessons people have had through the week. He takes people’s thoughts and ideas and touches them with my words. He takes His word and penetrates hearts and minds. I truly want to give him ALL the glory.

5. Lately I am inspired by the quote, “We overestimate what we can do in a week and underestimate what we can do in a year.” The same could be said for five or ten years.

6. On Sunday September 20th we will kick off our big fall series entitled “Finding Your Way Back to God.” First, plan on being a part of this series yourself. Second, plan on inviting a friend. Third, be in prayer for other people who will be attending and inviting their friends.

7. The series idea for “Finding your Way Back to God” is from THIS BOOK. I promise the sermons will be original but my source thinking will come from this book. You might want to check it out.

8. There will be a fellowship lunch/dinner on Sunday September 20th immediately following worship. Mark your calendar NOW. Plan on coming and bringing a friend. If possible bring a side dish or a dessert to share, or maybe even both.

9. As the parent of a teen and a youth group leader I cannot recommend more that you read THIS ARTICLE

10. This video is a must for all seniors in high school and freshmen in college – and their parents. Watch and learn. Very important content: How to Survive World Religions 101

11. RUSH – our youth ministry to Jr and Sr. High students kicks off this Wed. Sept. 2nd at 7:01 at the Church. We are going to have a cookout and an introduction to the year. We are going to be doing things a little differently this year. There will be more video lessons with an extended discussion time. Jr and Sr. high will be divided for this after their initial few minutes together. It looks to be a fun and educational year.

12. After lots of discussion and prayer the Church leadership has decided that there will be NO “All in the Family” this fall. There are a lot of reasons I can gladly explain to you personally. So youth do not need to show up until 6:45 at the earliest. In fact, we are keeping the building locked until then since we had some problems last year.

13. Thanks to everyone who volunteers in any and every way at ACC or at any Church for that matter.

14. Dr. Jack Cottrell has posted a series of articles entitled “Grace Distinctions” over at his blog. I haven’t read them all yet, but he is a deep theologian that I am sure has great things to say.

15. Last week I watched a 3 hour webinar about worship in the local Church. It had good information but struggled due to numerous technical difficulties. Attendees online were somewhat gracious but also very direct as this was put on my a company selling worship development tools for a great weekly production. It was like watching a train wreck – I couldn’t watch but I couldn’t look away.

*Finally, I am ready for some Professional Football. First game on Sept. 10 and everything else on the 13th. Yipppeee

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