Some People for Which I am Thankful

I don’t stop often enough to sing the praises of some of the people in my life. My ministry would barely happen without the help of others.

1. My Wife. She hates it when I draw attention to her, but I need to occasionally shout her praises. She supports me and works harder than anyone I know. Her work in the Church is often unnoticed by others, but is vital to me. I thank God for her and for all she does for the Church as well as our family.

2. My Children. My children have never been allowed to sit on the sidelines at Church. They have been a part of worship, sound, PowerPoint, lawn care and a hundred other things since they have been old enough to walk and talk. I deeply appreciate their help in my ministry on so many levels. There is nothing like serving the Lord side by side with your children.

3. My Elders. It has been an enormous blessing to be a part of the leadership at ACC. These guys are always praying for me and with me. They are encouraging to me while making me laugh. The push me to be a better person as I grow older in my faith. Their support is the best I have ever had in ministry.

There are other people in my life who are a blessing to me. They encourage me and support me on my journey of faith. I am thankful for them as well and one day I will blog about them. But TODAY – I thank God for these people He has put into my life.

Who are you thankful for today?

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