A Selfie Stick View of Church

I have a photo album of pictures I took as a kid. My parents had bought me a Kodak “Disk” camera for Christmas (did anyone else have one of these?). As a result of this purchase I started taking a lot of pictures. I took pictures of family, friends, sights, activities and lots of fish and wild game. Setting down and looking through my collection of pictures is a walk down all my childhood memories.

There is only one problem with all my pictures … I am not in any of them. As the photographer I was always the one holding the camera. I cannot be found in the pictures of my childhood. There is one picture at Cypress Gardens in Florida where I took a picture of a large mirror that ended with a picture of me taking a picture of me. Does that make any sense?

Anyway, when I hear people complain about the kids these days taking selfies and having selfie sticks I have to laugh. I completely understand the desire to be present in the pictures of your own life. I want to look back at my life and remember the things I was doing at this time and not just random pictures of things I experienced. I want to see myself at 14, 18, 21 and remember it correctly.

Recently I was looking at a picture my niece posted on Facebook of her and a friend out with their boyfriends for a meal. In the picture she is clearly holding a selfie stick taking the picture. While looking at it I got to thinking about the Church. I was wondering, “What would my Church pictures look like if I brought a selfie stick?”

Would you see pictures of me worshiping God each week? Would you see me looking around at other people without singing anything?

Would you see me fellowshipping with other people and building relationships? Would you see me only talking to the people I know and keeping my guard up?

Would you see pictures of me serving the Lord with gladness? Would you see me always sitting in a chair listening to other people?

Would you capture a picture me as a vital part of this community of believers? Would you see me occasionally stopping by for a visit to keep up appearances?

What would it look like if you were able to step back and see yourself as everyone else sees you? Would the pictures you capture look any different that the pictures in your mind?

I don’t mind pictures that are selfies. I completely understand people using selfie sticks to get better pictures. Sometimes a look at yourself is the best way to keep the memories. It is also a great way to do some self-evaluation.


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