Speech Before Opening of Thursday Night NFL

I don’t know how many of you tuned in to watch the Thursday night football game on September 17, 2017 – but a pregame speech was one of the best parts. That is especially true if you were a Chiefs fan like many people around here since they lost. I don’t know who wrote the speech but the narrator was Forest Whitaker. It was one of the better motivational speeches I have heard lately. Enjoy.

How many people in this room –
Have ever had one of those days?

When everything just…
Starts out wrong
Wrong side of the bed
Wrong side of the pillow

Put your hands up!
What is your answer?
That’s what I thought!
Every one of you!

Now when the world pulls that game with me?
I’m gonna tell you what I do…
I savor it!
That’s right!
Savor it!

Now let me tell you why –

Because you aren’t going anywhere
Any time soon
Without a struggle!
Without a fight!
Without people doubting you!
Questioning you!
Trying to keep you down!

Too many of you don’t realize that –
But what’s the point of succeeding
If succeeding is easy?

I never got that!
Never understood people
Who wished they were born rich
Never understood athletes
Who just wanted to join the best teams…
Build you own business!

Start your own dynasty!

A good start to a day is easy…
I want no part of easy!
I want the struggle!
I want the fight!
I want the pain!

And then I want
The best
Of all!

The feeling
That the world
Did everything it could
To beat

But I won!

You can rewatch the speech HERE


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