Weekend Reading

I did not find as much good reading on the web this week. Rather I found a lot of rehashing of the same old material. Here are a few interesting and unique reads for the weekend –

An open letter to my children; you’re not that great.

Why This Breast Cancer Patient Begs You to Stop and Think Before You Go Pink This October – See article at: http://margaretfeinberg.com/breast-cancer/#sthash.TZ5J9Ynp.dpuf
I found this to be a very interesting article that is well worth the time to read. Be warned – clicking the link will take you away from my blog (so click it last:-)

Accidental Saints – A trusted Christian leader gives a book review of Nadia Bolz-Weber – a lady who is creating a lot of buzz lately.

Attitude is a skill

No Skateboarding Signs and 8 Other Examples of Bad Non-Verbal Church Communication

10 Steps to Immediate Church Renewal & Growth (That Most Churches Won’t Take)


4 thoughts on “Weekend Reading

  1. Interesting review of Bolz-Weber’s book. Wow! I haven’t read the book so I cant comment on his critique of the content, but I have to say, it made me think of a blog post I wrote a while back (see link below). I understand not appreciating gratuitous profanity because I find it annoying as well. I might not enjoy her book for that reason too. But it seems another thing to conclude, and proclaim, that someone has no business being a pastor because you don’t approve of the way they talk and don’t like their theology. I think God calls a wide variety of followers to preach because what one person sees as Cheetos residue might be another person’s perfect personal trainer. Again, haven’t read the book – but I’m not sure how any of the evidence he cited makes her ineligible for the title. Debated whether or not to comment, but I was very moved by an interview she did recently that I heard, so I felt compelled to speak. Didn’t find this guy’s attitude to be above reproach. Sorry, but here’s the link I promised. No tattoos, profanity, or sketchy theology.

  2. MaryEllen –

    I appreciate your comments. Ms. Bolz-Weber is a polarizing figure. She is also a NY Times bestseller. I, too, have not read her book. I do know there is a lot of discussion. Reviews of her run from loving to hate. I posted this review because I have read the author for years and appreciate his usual clear thinking and concern for the things of God.

    Also, I do believe Christians really do need to struggle with the words that come from their mouths. Honestly, it is has been and still is a lifelong struggle for me. God was so concerned about the misuse of his name that it made his top 10 list of sins. Devout Israelites would not even say the name of Go for fear of offending him. Maybe we have swung the pendulum too far the other way.

    Everyday I remind myself of Ephesians 4:29 (NIV) “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.”

    Our view of Bolz-Weber is not as important as our view of Christian living in general. I do not want to continue in a lifestyle that God might consider a sin.

    Thanks for sharing

  3. Yep, I don’t really have a very strong opinion of Bolz-Weber either, due to my limited exposure to her – which, for the record, contained no profanity. I don’t want to live a lifestyle that God might consider sinful. On the other hand, I think we Christians spend an excessive amount of time making sure to point out when others are living a lifestyle that they consider sinful and I don’t think that’s the lifestyle Christ calls us to either. Don’t have a problem with the writer telling how poor he felt the quality of the content of the book was and even disagreeing with her theology – but it seemed to cross the line when he felt the need to evaluate her personally as a Christian and decide her fitness for the position of pastor so publicly. Don’t you think?

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