The Journey Back To God

For the last 5 weeks our Church has been going through a series of sermons entitled “Finding Your Way Back to God.” The idea for the series is from Community Christian Church in Illinois. Dave and Jon Ferguson also have a book by the same title that was the product of preaching this series in their Church.

This is my first really big series here at Adrian Christian Church and this is by far the most promotion I have done for a sermon series since 2008. So I have been thinking about all the lessons I have learned through the last few weeks.

1. People are looking for a time to bring their friends to Church. We have been blessed to have many people invite others for this series. One week we had 208 people here for worship. That is second only to VBS Sunday and more than Easter.

2. The support of people has been outstanding. One person donated printed cards for us to give away. Another person put the card in the local paper each week. People have pitched in with spreading the word.

3. Guests are very hesitant to share their information. We have only had a few people turn in connection cards with their personal information. Everyone is leery of junk mail, uninvited guests and spam email. Personal information is tough to get.

4. Getting people to stay in a Church takes more than one good sermon or series. People’s lives are busy and cluttered. It is hard to get them to return to Church or make any type of commitment. Even if they like Church and are touched by the sermon it doesn’t mean they will return. In fact, usually the people who are the most excited about a Church after one visit never return or fizzle out quick. It takes a long time to make a Christian impact on other people.

5. God is still working. Just because our Church didn’t grow to 500 through one series or your friend/relative did not accept Christ does not mean we failed. There have been a number of seeds planted that will possibly produce fruit one day.

The effects of a big series like this are hard to measure. Good things have happened in our Church and in people’s lives far beyond what we may see at first glance. The future at ACC looks bright and I am excited for the next big thing … which is Christmas 🙂


One thought on “The Journey Back To God

  1. I wish blogs had a “like” button. Sometimes I don’t have anything to say, just want you to know that I like it. *Like*

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