More Monday Stuff

The past week has been packed with activity. Every moment since last Tuesday has been filled with meetings, ministry, sports, Church and family. Some of these might be of interest to you.

1. Last Wednesday our youth group gathered with several adults (Ike, Tisha, Hannah, MaryEllen, Ruth Ann, Jeanie, Michelle & Becky) to fill shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. We filled 65 boxes completely and they are ready to ship. Over the weekend we received more boxes. We did learn that all packaging needs to be removed from items. So we will have to adjust those boxes a little but we should end with 75-80 complete boxes to ship this weekend. Thanks to every adult and the 30 or so teens who helped. Thanks to everyone who donated.

2. Thursday I met with two of our elders. (One was in a meeting.) We meet regularly to discuss our congregation and how we can help our people. We then end with an extended prayer. Always a blessing and always takes much longer than expected.

3. Friday was the last football game of the season for our beloved Blackhawks. They lost in the playoffs 19-14 to Midway. It was my oldest son Hunter’s final football game. I am going to post more about him later in the week. I am so proud of him. He was able to score a Touchdown in his last game along with making 12 tackles. Bittersweet ending.

4. Saturday was Halloween. I spent the day with my family and then the boys scattered to various parties.
Also on Saturday I finally received my new wedding ring. Since I started metal detecting over two years ago it is hard to wear my metal ring. I threatened getting a tattoo but then I found out about rings from Qalo. They are silicone rings for outdoor use. They are basically the same material as those bracelets everyone used to wear. Michelle and I both bought matching ones. They seem to be great so far and I never ever have to take my wedding ring off again. That makes me very happy. So far I recommend them to any married person especially men.

5. Sunday was packed. First – my youngest son Gage had his 13th birthday. That is why we spent Saturday together. We did most of the celebrating early. Hard to believe all of my children are teenagers. Ugh.

6. Show Me Christian Youth Home was at Adrian Christian Church to share about their ministry during our Sunday School hour. Great to learn about them. By my count 55 people stayed to hear the presentation and then we collected $625 to support their work. Proud of all of those people who stayed and who donated. You are making a difference!

7. Also yesterday we held a Board meeting of both the elders and deacons in the afternoon. Here is the list of things you should know:
-Our children will be having the Christmas program on Sunday morning December 20th during our regular worship time. Anyone interested in helping can contact me or my wife.
-Our Christmas Candlelight program will be held on Wed. December 23rd (Christmas Eve Eve). Plan is for 7:00 pm. Mark your calendar now!
-Anyone needing financial assistance through the holidays who is from Adrian can get help through the Moulton Fund. Contact me for details.
-We are talking about hiring a staff member for our children’s ministry. A person responsible for infant through 8th grade. I would love to hear everyone’s feedback personally.
-I am looking to teach a membership class on January 31 in the evening. Let me know if you are interested.
-Congregational meeting will be February 28 after church (with a snow date of the following Sunday.)
-Thanks to those who help hand out candy at the Sight and Safety night in Adrian – especially Ike!

8. I am looking for a large (lawn size) nativity set for my next sermon series. If you have one that I could use please let me know. I need one with a couple of shepherds, wise men, Mary & Joseph, and baby Jesus. Don’t need anything else but I will use more if you have it.

9. Last night was also bittersweet. Packers lost. Royals won! I have never watched baseball or cared about the Royals but my congregation is quickly swaying me. Maybe someone should get me a T-shirt for Christmas to bring me in as a fan completely:-). I consider my size a medium but manufacturers call it XXL!

10. Hard to work after a 12 inning game last night. Glad I stayed up for the 12th inning though. A real classic. [Pastorally speaking – I feel a little bad for Daniel Murphy of the Mets – He was a total hero turned total goat.] Even though I am tired I am at work and trying to get a lot done. This week we have our normal RUSH hour for Youth Group on Wed. night. Then next Sunday we will have sermon #2 in “How to Be Rich” from 1 Timothy 6:17-19.

I have a lot more ideas to post this week in full blog length but this will clear my head for now. I would love to hear all of your responses and ideas for the future. Thanks to Adrian Christian Church for letting me be your preacher.


2 thoughts on “More Monday Stuff

  1. I am interested in the membership class on Jan 31.
    Sorry about your Packers, but I am so excited about those Boys in Blue.. They play with heart, character, and passion. They love to play and are so much fun to watch. They are a true team that lift each other up when someone is down…so proud of all they accomplished.
    But I too feel a little bad for Murphy the Mets pitcher. Sometime our wants are not what’s best for the team:(
    I am so excited to hear we are doing the candlelight service on Dec 23👍 my mother in father in law, always celebrate Christmas on dec. 24 and I never get to be a part of it. So happy I can’t find words.
    Great finish to Blackhawk football for your sons. He’s built memories that will last a lifetime.
    And Happy Birthday to Gage!!!

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