Good Reading for the Week

Here are some of the best articles I have read lately.

Marriage –

Do You Have a Really Good Man? – This is a great read for younger ladies.

7 Things You Must Know About Your Wife

This might be the key to a happy marriage

Church –

A Church Transforming Proverb – How to handle Church issues and gossip.


How Churches Actually Grow – A must read for leaders who want their Church to grow.

Why a Pew Is Better Than a Podcast

5 Misconceptions About the Pastor’s Wife

General Topics –

The white man in that photo – A great read about a historical photo.

3 Prayers We Need to Stop Saying

How helicopter parents are ruining college students

Impact of Helicoptering, by someone who knows

Helicopter parents are not the only problem. Colleges coddle students, too.

Sexual Orientation Issues – A very interesting read

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