You Don’t Deserve to be Treated That Way

If I really knew you. I mean I really knew your secret thoughts and your private actions. I would bet you are not a very good person. You harbor ill feelings along with guilt and shame. You have done stuff you have never told anyone about. You have failed in an ugly fashion. You have have had thoughts that would make you blush if they were made public.

I know this about you because it is true of me as well.

I don’t deserve respect. I don’t deserve forgiveness. I don’t deserve to be treated special in any way.

And yet, God loves me in spite of myself. He cares for me in spite of my past. He gave himself for my sins even though I didn’t deserve it.

None of that is surprising and you have probably heard it before. What challenges me is not how God treats me but how I treat other people.

I don’t deserve your respect. I don’t deserve your forgiveness. I don’t deserve you to treat special in any way. Honestly, you don’t deserve these things from me.

Because I follow a God who serves, loves, gives and treats people special – I am called to the same standard of living. I am not to show others the love and respect they deserve because they have earned it by their actions. I do it because I serve a God who gives me everything I don’t deserve.

Maybe the biggest indicator of my faith in God is found in the way I treat those who don’t deserve to be treated well.

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