My Incomplete Thoughts and the Voice of God

My mind is filled with incomplete thoughts.

I keep files on my computer and phone that help me track my thinking.  Right now I have 66 blog ideas that range from 3 words to 3 sentences.   I also have a file with 6 posts that are more than halfway finished.  These contain a paragraph or more of some idea I had one day.   Some of these ideas may take years to reach completion.

I have other files that are directly connected to my sermons.  I keep a file of illustration stories that I live and that I read which I might one day use.  I have file of sermon topics and titles that I would like to preach.  Still yet one more file of sermon graphics from other churches that caught my attention and I might use.

I use an app called Evernote and I have used Microsoft’s One Note program.  I use the notepad app on my phone as well.  My favorite thing is to keep an old fashioned clip board with me where I hand write ideas.  Later I transfer them to some type of file so that the idea does not get lost.

You see I live with a firm conviction that God might try to speak to me anywhere.  I don’t mean that I hear audible voices.  I mean God often speaks to me through conversations, through TV commercials, movies, songs, books, articles and events.  I am continually trying to learn about how God touches my life and how he can use me impact other people.  I think God most often speaks to me through natural means.

I also believe that God is trying to speak to you.  He is trying to mold you and shape you through the events, circumstances and conversations that you are involved in each day.

What if today you listened for God to say something to you in a subtle way?

What would happened if you listened closely to everything going on around you and asked yourself, “What are you teaching me God?”

As I get older my physical hearing gets worse every year but my spiritual hearing gets more acute.

Be careful that you do not grow deaf to the voice of God in your everyday life.


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