The Hard Work of Faith

Scribbled on a small piece of paper in my notebook was written a single line – “Faith is hard work.”

You need to know that it was written during a difficult time.  For me it was one of those times that has been called “a dark night of the soul.” My schedule had been busy.  Things at Church were rocky.  People were being difficult.  Plans were not working out.  Family life was less than perfect.  There was this darkness that seemed to surround my life that was not letting the light in.

These are the times that some people quit their faith.  Some people just stand up and say, “I’m done” and walk away.  Most people are far more subtle.  They attend less frequently.  They avoid contact with believers and slowly drift away without a word of warning.

I completely understand that life is full of difficult experiences that push us to our spiritual limit.  In those moments it is easier to drift away than to fight for faith.  It is easier to find an excuse to quit.  It is far easier to blame other people for their failures and walk away.   That way no one will know the struggle of my own soul.

Those are the decisions most people make.

There is another choice though.  You could fight for your faith.

You could pray for help and guidance.  A simple “God get me through this” will often work.

You could tell other people you are struggling.  This is really hard.  Could you ever let down your guard and tell people you are not perfect in your faith?

You could ask other people to pray for you.  You do not have to fight your spiritual struggles alone.

You could draw closer to faith instead of push away.   Intentionally attend Church more.  Read your Bible more.  Spend more time with believers.  Show up early and linger longer.  Decide to draw close instead of hide.

You could visit with a “senior saint.”  Ask them to share their story of faith.  Quite often they have been through great struggles and their faith survived.  Let them encourage you.

You could take the time to serve other people.  Get out of your own head and help someone.

There are other things I could suggest to you but I can boil them all down into one simple statement.  Faith is hard work.  In order to keep your faith there is something that you can do – but you will have to do something.  It takes an effort to remain a faithful follower of God and nothing less.


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