How God Grows Our Faith

I am told that several years ago Andy Stanley and the leaders of Northpoint Church did a series of surveys to find out the biggest factor for spiritual growth. After collecting the surveys they began to group the responses into categories. In the end they came up with five different things that God uses to grow our faith. I found these to be helpful and enlightening.

God uses:

1. Practical Teaching – We grow when we hear God’s word explained in a way that we understand and can apply it.

2. Providential Relationships – God will frequently bring people into our lives that influence us for growth.

3. Private Disciplines – Growth happens when we apply dedicate ourselves to prayer, bible reading, giving and fasting.

4. Personal Ministry – When we step up and serve we grow because we are stretching our faith. Being involved in some form of Christian service helps us grow in Jesus.

5. Pivotal Circumstances – Sometimes our growth happens because we are in the right place at the right time. This might be something from a conversation to a mission trip to a work encounter. Something just happened that we often can’t explain.

Through my years of ministry I have found these to be true for dozens of people.

So what is God using to grow your faith? Are you open to the possibility that He might have something greater in store for you today and this coming year?


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