My Hidden Joys of Christmas

Counting this year, I have now been a part of 22 Christmases as a Church leader. I have been a part of big productions to simple candlelight programs and everywhere in between. I get to see the good and bad of Christmas each year on full display. Through the years I have come to appreciate these hidden joys at Christmas.

1. Children Serving the Lord. I do not use the word “performing.” I view a Christmas program as an act of serving the Lord. I love seeing our young people sing and act and serve in numerous little ways. Thanks to all the young people who were involved yesterday.

2. Church Teamwork. Every special Church program takes a team of people helping to put everything together. This year we had musicians, song leaders, drama leaders, people helping with decorations and teachers. We had people helping in the lobby and in the kitchen. People donated food, money and time. It is great to see the Church work together to accomplish anything. Thanks to everyone who worked at making our program come together.

3. Lots of People. It was incredible to see the Church so full of people yesterday. I see unlimited potential to reach people with the message of the gospel in our area. Early in ministry I heard a Church leader say his goal was to have their Christmas attendance become their average attendance in 5 years. So far that has come true for me and so I get excited at big events like this because God is touching people’s lives and some for the first time who will eventually come to know Jesus as their savior.

4. Good Times. Early on in the planning for our Christmas program I asked my wife about the “12 Days of Christmas” skit the older kids were doing. Did it have any spiritual meaning? She said something like, “No, it’s just fun. And that’s okay.” She was right, sometimes we just need to smile and enjoy ourselves – even in Church.

5. Generosity. I love it that people are so giving this time of year. I saw a few pictures of the gifts being given to the Christian Children’s Home and it made me smile. I was also a part of distributing the Molten Fund with the pastors again this year. It was a fund set up years ago to help local people in the Christmas season. We were able to give away $16,000 to people with needs this year. I know these are just two of the thousands of acts of generosity that happen just here in Adrian. I always hope this spirit of kindness will last the whole year through.

I know that most of us enjoy a day or two off at Christmas. I know we enjoy getting gifts and being blessed. I know we enjoy family time together. But for me, I have come to enjoy these simple experiences every year.

What brings you joy at Christmas?

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