How Will You Use Your Words?

Words flow from us. They fill the air when we speak. They fill up the internet and email. They are constantly filling my phone with text messages. I read words and I write words. I speak words and I listen to words. Words, words, words.

The question on my mind for the last week as been, “How will I use the words that come out of me this week?”

Will I –

1. Use words to encourage other people or tear them down?
2. Use words to proclaim truth or will I hide behind lies?
3. Use words to help or to hurt?
4. Use words to replay failures or offer a second chance?
5. Use words to forgive or slander?
6. Use words to grow in Christ or fall into temptation?
7. Use words to fight injustice or support it?
8. Use words to give hope or dash hope?
9. Use words to express love or reveal hate?
10. Use words to do good or do nothing?

There are so many options that I can use my words for this week. What will I chose?

Your future is shaped not just by the quality of words you hear but by the words you use. Choose wisely.


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