29 Thoughts From My Birthday on the 29th

Last Friday was my birthday. I turned 44 years old on January 29th. People have asked me if I had a good day and my response is that I slept in late and rested most of the day. I was not feeling well with a bit of a chest cold and just enjoyed the rest. I did spend a lot of time thinking about life on Friday and over the weekend. So I thought I would share 29 thoughts from my birthday on the 29th. These come in a completely random order.

1. Birthdays are fun when you are young but they lose something after 21.
2. Life’s best moments are the simple ones. A conversation. A hug. A smile.
3. Do something you enjoy even when no one else understands it.
4. The hardest thing to be in life is yourself.
5. I never imagined I would be right here right now. Life is a journey to unknown places.
6. No one cares how hard you work unless you are getting paid to do it.
7. I wish I could have back all the money I wasted in my life. Audio cassettes were a bad financial investment. Dating too.
8. Despite all the negative press, I still think smartphones are awesome.
9. When you are with another person, put the smart phone away and talk.
10. As a kid I could remember dozens of phone numbers. Now I can barely remember 311 or 411 or 911 or whatever that number is. Thanks smart phone.
11. My mother having email, a smart phone and texting is a greater gift to her family than she realizes. Most days anyway.
12. The internet has helped me to see myself as less strange.
13. My children will never understand how I feel about them.
14. I cannot imagine how God really feels about me.
15. I wonder if my mom and dad know how much I appreciate the thousand little things they have done for me.
16. My Church experience has been wonderful. My Church experience has been awful. Definitely understand the Church as a family metaphor.
17. I don’t understand people who say they love my preaching but don’t attend Church regularly.
18. My faith is stronger today than ever, but I still have lots of questions for God.
19. Don’t hate me for saying this: But I really dislike pets, especially as I get older.
20. I have bought far more books than I have read. I hope to get to them all one day.
21. As an introvert I find great joy in a quiet moment alone.
22. Invest in the better product. You will be happier in the long run.
23. Waste not, want not. Still good advice.
24. I take far more pictures than I ever go back and look at.
25. Do one thing every day that brings you joy. Even if it is just a piece of candy. It will remind you that life is good.
26. I believe very, very few statistics. Numbers can be bent different directions. And everything changes when you put God in the equation.
27. Everything, and I mean everything, you do will be criticized. Just get used to it and forget it. Move forward in spite of your critics.
28. People never cease to amaze me.
29. I honestly never thought I would live this long. Thanks God.

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