Never Stop Learning

I read books, blogs and magazines daily. I listen to sermons. I attend conferences. I am part of a ministers group that meets monthly. Every day I am trying to learn from other people. Even as a preacher I still love to attend a class that someone else is teaching. Most of the time I like to hear the discussion of the group after a lesson. I love to ask questions of people and hear the varied responses that come from different backgrounds and education.

I firmly believe that one of the reasons God put His followers into a group that we call the Church is so that we can learn from each other. The people I meet who have the most growing and vibrant faith are those who are continually trying to learn from other people. There is a toxic moment when you close your mind and think you have everything figured out.

So let me encourage you today to learn from other people.

1. Read something today. Anything that will help you grow as a believer. Find a favorite writer or blogger or magazine. At our Church I read the Christian Standard magazine monthly. I read the Lookout weekly. Most of their material is then posted as a blog each day. I continually recommend articles on my blog. Look up some of those and read them. Go to the source of those article I post and read several more posts by the same author. If in doubt, stop by my office and I will find you a book.

2. Listen to something this week. Maybe you watch it and listen at the same times. Doesn’t matter. Take in some form of lesson that will help you grow your faith. Go to YouTube and search names like Fred Craddock, Bob Russell, Ravi Zacharias, Andy Stanley and a hundred other possibilities.

3. Attend something this month. Go to Church on Sunday. Stay for Sunday school. Find a Bible Study through the week. If you cannot find anything (and I bet you can), then start something. Ask a couple of friends to get together and discuss what you are reading and/or what you are listening too.

4. Go somewhere in the next six months. Find a conference and go. It might be a women’s conference, men’s conference or couple’s conference. You might consider going to Ozark Christian College and their Preaching & Teaching convention this month. There are hundreds of possibilities of what you can attend in the next six months.

5. Learn about one topic this year that interests you. Invest time over the course of the year into one new topic. Try to learn all you can about Christian parenting or marriage or a doctrine or evangelism or whatever. Focus yourself on one topic and let other people teach you.

There is so much out there to learn. Open your mind and broaden your horizons. Imagine if one year from you now you might now if you committed yourself to learning.


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