Three Words for a Better Marriage

I wanted to do a quick recap of yesterday’s sermon. I hope you find it as helpful as I originally found it to be for me.

Yesterday I preached a sermon about the expectations of marriage. There is a possibility that each one of us brings a box load of desires into a marriage and then we dump them on our spouse. We expect them to meet all of us desires and are disappointed if they fail. This creates a “debt/debtor” relationship which impacts the way we view our spouse and their actions.

The first step toward improving your marriage is to develop a Christ-like perspective. This is the perspective that says I will put others above myself because of my faith in God. This is hard to do but makes our marriage a living example of the gospel.

The second step is to begin communicating about our expectations. This takes a simple concept and grounds it in real life actions.

I want you to remember these three key words –

1. Share
Share your struggles with expectations with your spouse –
– Maybe that means saying “I am sorry that I placed all my expectations on you.”
– Maybe that means you say, “I feel like you crushing me with your expectations.”

2. Ask
Ask one vital question: “What can I do to make our marriage more enriching?”
It is a simple way of saying, “Share one of your desires with me that I can help fulfill.”

3. Reward
The biggest words you can say are “Thank you.” Thank you, that meant so much to me. Thank you for doing that thing I love.
Please note, this can be words spoken face to face, in a card or shown in a reciprocal action. You bless your spouse as you have been blessed.

All married couples struggle but the smallest of actions can change our experience. I firmly believe if two people try their best to connect with each other verbally and let that flow into their actions then marriage will be the most enjoyable part of life.


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