For Hunter

My oldest son is 6575 days old today. That is 939 weeks or 216 months. You could also say he is 18 years old and has seen 5 leap years including this one.

He was born on a Monday evening at 7:16 pm after 22 hours of labor. Most of the delivery was coached by me as there were very few nurses because of a snow and ice storm. He was not breathing when he was born and I was terrified. Since the moment the doctor got you breathing again I have been scared for 18 years.

As a young child you wanted to be like daddy. As a middle school boy you wanted to be a sports star. But you turned out to be a wonderful, kind young man. You may not be a big name star but your smile and your great heart will impact everyone you come in contact with in your life. Your brothers will be great men because they have you to look up to.

I want you to know that I have prayed for you almost everyday of those 18 years. I have asked God to keep you safe. I have asked Him to lead you in paths of righteousness and forgive you when you fall short. I have pleaded with God for a spouse who is a follower of Jesus.

Today I thank God for you and I ask Him to bless you beyond measure.


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