It is Thursday and my sermon is almost finished. Today will involve doing something I find incredibly difficult. I will have to fill in the holes to smooth out the good parts. I will also have to cut out all the unnecessary parts. For me, it is extremely difficult to cut ideas and points that I created.

I have thoughts that are true. They are important. They just do not fit what I am trying to accomplish this week. So with great reluctance I take my mouse and highlight that point and hit delete.

I have often thought that most of us need to take the time regularly to do a little editing in life. We are all involved in activities that are good and maybe seem important, but they are not helping us achieve our goals right now.

Andy Stanley tells the story of being into classic guitars and music. Then he found out that his wife was pregnant. He went and sold everything. He said there was not enough time in his life for God, a wife, children and music. So a choice was made to edit out that part of his life for now.

I frequently hear how busy people are nowadays. I get that. I have a wife and four teenagers of my own. But I think most people are not busy because they have children. Most people are too busy because they have not edited out of their life all the unnecessary parts.

How would your life be different if you committed yourself to one simple goal of being a follower of God in your life and family? Would there be some activities you would quit doing? Would you be able to say “NO” to the unnecessary things? Would you be less busy and stressed?

Maybe you are too busy because you haven’t taken the time to delete some of the things in your life that need removed?


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