Weekend Reading

The weather is supposed to be nice here in Adrian Missouri this weekend, but if you get a few minutes inside you might want to check out some of these articles.

Porch Preaching – a great article about talking to a couple of Jehovah’s Witness people at the door.

THE FOUR BIGGEST MISTAKES I’VE MADE IN MARRIAGE – An article by a lady married for 16 years

4 REASONS WHY TEACHING A CHILDREN’S SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS IS GOOD FOR YOUR SOUL – Substitute Children’s Church for the word Sunday School

When Ball Becomes Baal – A well written article about sports

9 Things I Love to Hear In a Sermon

I’M A CHRISTIAN AND I HATE CHRISTIAN MOVIES – This is not a great article but it says some things I have wanted to say.

Depth of field – Seth Godin

Going the distance – More great Seth Godin wisdom

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