Monday Morning Blues

Everyone hates Mondays. I think this is especially true for preachers.

Every Monday I struggle with the work I do. From talking to preachers I find that most of us struggle with this exact same issues.

The sermon didn’t go as well as I wanted.
I second guess the choices I made in speaking.
The people didn’t show up like I hoped.
Attendance was down … again.
That family quit. I am not sure what is wrong.
I said the wrong thing and I think I offended someone.
Some of our volunteers didn’t show up.
Other people just didn’t volunteer.
The music didn’t go smoothly.
Their was a big distraction during the program.
People were sleeping.
It was too nice outside. It was too bad outside.
I hate holiday weekends.
Should I call or email that person?
What am I doing wrong?
It would be so much easier to just punch a clock for work.
I have to do better next week.
Maybe I will become a teacher. I like public speaking and I could have the summer off.
Better yet, I am going to start a professional speaking business.
God, should I quit?

I wish this line of thinking were not true, but for most preachers it is their Monday reality and it usually starts on Sunday evening. Now, before you start sending me encouraging notes or comments hoping for me to stay in ministry I need to tell you the other side of my Monday.

While every Sunday afternoon and Monday is an emotional roller coaster of disappointment and job security questions there is an upside. I find that I am continually amazed by God. Somehow He takes our flawed programs and my less than perfect words and touches people’s lives. He uses the morning to encourage, to strengthen and challenge people. Almost every week God shows up and does something that I wasn’t expecting. People grow in their faith, connections are made to other believers and God’s word is heard above my own.

I still hate going to the office on Monday for some of the same reasons as everyone else. But I do look forward to how God used Sunday to impact the world. Some weeks it feels like it was all a waste, but I have come to believe that God never wastes a Sunday.

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