More Unsolicited Advice

I wanted to continue my thoughts from yesterday. I have been thinking of all the things I want to tell the graduating seniors my son included. Yesterday I gave 1-10. Here are 10 more.

11. Prepare for Problems – Have extra cash in your wallet, a flashlight in your vehicle, napkins in your glove box, stain stick in your laundry area, candles at your residence and a blanket in your trunk.

12. Read Your Bible Regularly – Small investments of time will add up over the years. By the time you are a senior citizen you should know almost all of what it says. I regret not starting sooner.

13. Use Technology to Connect Not Separate – Put your phone down and talk to people. If you must be on your phone, then text, email, Facebook, Facetime, play games with friends. Technology is not the enemy, your use of it is the problem.

14. Family is Special – Stay connected to them. Your grandparents won’t be here long. Your brothers will support you when no one else will. Mom & dad love you. Your inside jokes will make your life better and bring you joy. Their love and support will hold you in dark hours.

15. Serve at Church – A volunteer Church leader is worth more than gold and diamonds. Make your pastor happy by being a strong leader when no one else will do it. It will seem thankless for many years, but one day people will call you blessed.

16. Find a Hobby You Enjoy and Do It – This will bring you joy, help you to relax, give you something to talk about and it will connect you to people with a similar interest. Do this even if no one close to you understands it or supports it. In fact, that might make it more enjoyable.

17. Invest in People Over Pets – Pets are fine but they cost money and time. Never choose an animal over a person. I have strong feelings about this. (Know that saying this will get you in trouble)

18. Keep Encouraging Notes – It doesn’t matter if you save the email, copy the text, or hold onto the card. Whenever anyone encourages you, hold those words. Throw away or delete all criticism. Let ugly words go and hold the good ones. For years I did this backward and it made me miserable.

19. Enjoy Time Off – I once worked myself to death. It nearly destroyed my marriage and my relationship with my children. Then I left that job and no one really cared. I had killed myself for nothing. Don’t make that mistake. Work hard and rest well. Enjoy this life God has given you.

20. Pray Regularly – It doesn’t need to be long and drawn out. Thank God for food, family, friends, and all blessings you receive. Ask God for health, guidance and healing. Seek Him for direction with jobs, relationships and big expenditures. Develop a solid prayer life and it will keep you focused on the important things.

I know these two list have been a lot of material. I am also sure that I have missed some good advice. Comment about what I should add.

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