Making An Impact As a Father

We are one week away from Father’s Day. Every year I spend this week preparing a program and a sermon that will happen on this day. Also, every year my mind turns toward my dad. This is especially true as my dad’s health is failing daily. He is rapidly losing weight and strokes are taking their physical toll. Every day may be the last one with my dad.

While my mind turns to my father and the program for father’s day I am reminded of the enormous impact that a father has on the life of his children. For today would you allow me to share a couple of ways that fathers can influence their children for God.

1. Pray With and For Your Children – Spend time talking to God about your children. Spend time talking to God with your children. You do not have control over their lives so ask the God who is in control to help you, guide you and protect them.

2. Model Faith – Read, learn, grow, serve and give. Your children will imitate your faith. Hear that again! Your children will imitate your faith. If you don’t read as an adult, they won’t. If you don’t grow, serve, give and show them what faith looks like as an adult, they will not know the way or go the way.

3. Attend Church – Demonstrate the importance of worship. Show them the value of other people with similar faith. Allow them to be taught by others who might know more than you. Point them toward other people’s faith to underline what they are seeing in you.

4. Avoid Worldliness – Children not only see what you do, they also see what you do not participate in. They hear that you do or do not use cuss words. They see what you do or do not drink. They see the ways you do or do not treat your spouse with love. They see the movies you do or do not watch. They know what is going on in your life. Your words may tell them one thing but they know if it aligns with your life.

5. Lead Christian Endeavors – Show your children the importance of doing things for God. Not just the importance of action but the need for leadership. The world is very confused about leadership and we need men who are willing to step up and move forward in faith. We need men who do not shy away from difficult answers, decisions and actions. Be a Christian who has strength and grit in a time when so few have it.

I know I have not had a perfect father. I know I have not been a perfect father. I do try to do better everyday. I hope and pray that all fathers are trying to do the same. May the Lord bless you on this journey as a parent.

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