10 Lies That Christians Believe

The Bible describes the devil as the “Father of Lies.” When he lies he is simply speaking his native tongue. He distorts the truth and it changes people for the worse. Unfortunately some people believe his lies. Here are ten of the most common lies I have heard in no particular order:

1. I’ll do it tomorrow
The Bible is very clear that we are never promised tomorrow. Some things should not be put off another day.

2. It won’t happen to me or my family
All of us want to think we are immune to sin, struggle and defeat. The hard truth is that most individuals and families will eventually encounter something they never thought possible.

3. The Church is here to serve me
While I believe the Church can be an enormous blessing to the lives of people, it only comes when people start serving others.

4. A little sin won’t hurt

Sin separates us from God and one another. It always leaves a residue of ugliness we can not wash out. We may understand this tomorrow or it may take 20 years but it always hurts in some way.

5. Everything I feel is right

Frequently we want to judge truth by how it makes us feel. If we feel it deeply, then it must be true. We feel this way about issues, about ourselves, about others and even about faith. Truth is truth no matter how it makes you feel

6. The Bible is hard to understand

Taking time to read it is the hard part. The more time you spend reading it, the more simple it is to understand.

7. We are smarter than every generation before us
We feel this way about things like science but it spills over into our ethics and spiritual thinking. Our vast knowledge of the world some how makes us deep people with deep understanding. Rarely is that true.

8. People do not see through my excuses
In 20 years of ministry I have heard excuses for everything. I don’t really believe you, no one does. Yet we keep using them instead of facing the truth.

9. Someone else will do it
We know the needs of teen mothers, the homeless, at risk children and hundreds of other people. We know someone else will help one day soon.

10. No one cares about me
People will sometimes quit Church and when I contact them they tell me that no one cared about them. Then I start a series of probing questions. Did you come early to Church or stay late? Did you invite people over to your house? Did you accept any invitations for anything? Quickly I discover that the truth is no one knew this person. They never opened themselves up to anyone. They wanted relationships while living in a box of impenetrable secrecy. People want to care but we often do not let them. That is a different from saying that no one cares.

I know there are other lies people believe everyday. Little deceptions and distortions that cloud how we see God, other people and the world in general. One job of every believer is to be continually searching for the truth. Only when we know the truth shall we truly be set free.

One thought on “10 Lies That Christians Believe

  1. I really liked this post.  Definitely lies we all believe at one time or another!  Made me examine myself!

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