If I Had Missed Church Yesterday

There are moments when I stop and reflect on all the events of a Sunday. Yesterday evening I found myself recounting all of the blessings of the day. If I had not been at Church yesterday I would have missed…

– The opportunity to speak with a “Senior Saint” before worship.
– The chance to lift my voice to God in praise.
– Seeing videos of what the children will be singing for Vacation Bible School (VBS)
– A brief pause to speak with people who have a faith similar to mine along with some new people.
– The chance to be updated on the needs of our congregation and pray for them.
– A moment of communion and reflection with the Lord.
– An extended explanation of God’s word
– Some ideas of application for my own life
– The experience of seeing a guy eat a cricket (bacon flavored?) just to get children to VBS
– A few minutes of fellowship with all ages of believers.
– The encouragement that comes with each time of worship together.
– A chance to hang around and serve the Lord and help reach hundreds of children.
– Free pizza for lunch with more fellowship.
– Some wonderful funny stories and a few lame jokes.
– Time developing deeper relationships with other believers.
– The laughter and joy that comes with doing a selfless act with wonderful people.

Yesterday was a good day full of love, laughter and worship. I was tired when the day was over, but it was a good tired. I am truly blessed.

When people tell me they do not get much out of Church I quickly assume that they are not experiencing it to the full. They are gone frequently on Sunday morning or they skip out on service opportunities or they don’t hang around to fellowship.

Most of the blessings found from being a part of a Church are only found through your presence. If you missed it yesterday then you really did miss out.

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