The Power of Your Presence

Today my mom is going to the doctor to learn about the treatment plan for her cancer. Last night as I spoke with her on the phone one of my biggest questions was, “Who is going to the doctor with you?” I genuinely wanted to know who was going to hold mom’s hand. Who was going to listen closely to the doctor with her? Maybe they would hear something a little different. Who was going to be there for whatever she needs?

There is an amazing power in just being present in those moments.

From the flip side, I wish I could be there. I am planning on going back next week when she starts treatment and it is very hard to go back two weeks in a row. So for this one trip my sister and my niece are going with mom. In these moments I feel a general lack of support. I want to do more. I want to be there.

All of this has me thinking about the power of being present in someone’s life. We see the need in the big moments of doctor’s visit, big accomplishments and the pain of loss. In those moments we want to be there for the people we love.

Can I suggest to you that people want you to be present in their life everyday? There are people all around you that want to talk. There are people who desperately want your attention. There are young people who are afraid and older people who feel alone. There is your spouse who has something on their mind. There are your parents who would love for you to stop by. There are your children who would love one more hour of your time. There is someone you love who longs for your presence.

My suggestion today is to not let another day slip by. Put the phone down. Close the computer. Shut off the TV. Put the book back on the shelf. Skip exercising. Avoid the yard work another day.

Just go and be with someone. Sit and talk. Sit and listen. Just be there.

Someone in your life would love to experience your presence today. Will you be there for them?

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