The Laughter of the Leadership

Yesterday our Church had a leadership meeting of the elders, deacons and staff combined. I told my wife after the meeting about how we had laughed and laughed during the meeting. She had been in a nearby area when we first started and she said we sounded like a group of children.

I love that our leadership laughs together.

First – Our leadership honestly likes each other.
This may sound simple, but it is one of the first times I have ever experienced it. Quite often the Church leadership has one big bully. There is a guy who gets his way because of his anger or possibly his influence in the community or maybe even because of his money. Everyone at the table knows it, but no one talks about it. I feel like the leaders at this Church really care about one another as brothers in Christ.

Second – Our leadership enjoys our time together.
I do not dread our leadership meetings. Some Churches have meetings with anger and shouting. Others have meetings with a heavy demeanor. People go into those meetings with a heavy heart and mind. Our meetings are often the highlight of my week. We laugh, we tell stories, we pray, we ask questions and we enjoy our time together.

Third – Our leadership only takes the important stuff seriously.
I have been a part of hundreds of leadership meetings through the years. At one Church we spent 3 or 4 months trying to decide how to put in a sump pump. I mean we needed to decide if we wanted a barrel or a bucket? Should we surround it with sand or gravel or both? How big of a pump do we need? How much money should we spend? Every meeting there was a heated discussion of nothing really valuable. I am glad to be a part of a group that is taking our mission for Jesus seriously and making everything else easy.

Fourth – Our Leadership understands grace.
A teacher of mine use to say that laughter was the surest sign of grace that he knew. That special ability to say “I am flawed, but I am forgiven.” My mistakes do not define me but are forgiven and now laughable. No one in our groups acts as if they have everything figured out. In fact, we openly acknowledge our mistakes, our shortcomings, our physical failures and our need for God. No one is better than anyone else and therefore we can laugh at ourselves and at others without being mean or condescending.

Fifth – Our leadership has the total package.
I do not want you to think that our leadership is all laughter and nothing else. We have elders meetings where we pray. There are deacons meetings where they hand out benevolence money. There are work days and teaching times. We do not rely on one meeting as a sum total of our leadership. All of us are busy in multiple areas and in multiple ways for the kingdom of God. Our leadership meetings are just a small part of all we do.

These things may not seem like much to you, but to me they are like a breath of fresh air. After years of leading Churches I am finally happy to be a part of a wonderful leadership team. Maybe it won’t last. I pray it will. And I want the Church to know that God is at work even in the sound of laughter.


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