Treatment for Sin

This afternoon my mom will lie down and a doctor will use a high-tech machine to shoot radiation into her lung. A little over a month ago they discovered a small lump in my mom’s lung. A biopsy was done and it was confirmed as cancer. Then they did a Pet Scan and decided that it was only this one spot in her lung. It is about the size of a nickel and is in the upper part of her right lung.

I went back and met with the doctor along with my sister and my niece. He explained what she was facing for a treatment plan. She went back and they made a mold of her body and monitored her breathing. It sounds like a doctor, a scientist and a mathematician are taking all the numbers and developing a plan to shoot radiation into her body to remove the tumor. The doctor said it will be precise to within one millimeter.

Today she goes in and will lie down on that mold and get prepped for the treatment. We were told it will take 20 minutes or more to get ready and 2 minutes to receive the radiation. She will repeat this process for 3 days this week and 2 days next week and she will be done. The doctor actually said it will continue to work for six full months once the final appointment is complete.

I have been thinking about this whole process for a couple of weeks. Why would anyone willingly shoot themselves with a laser to kill off a part of their body? Why would anyone purposely kill part of their lung? Why is my mother putting herself through all of this?

The answer is simple; because left alone, cancer will kill you. The tumor will not stop growing on its own. A change in diet, happy thoughts and more doctors visits will not put an end to the enemy that is trying to destroy her body. The only thing that will stop it is total removal.

Sin is a tumor. It latches itself to our soul and seeks to destroy us. You can analyze it. You can talk about it. The best action is to remove it with pinpoint accuracy.

Stop going there. Stop doing that. Change your patterns. Throw that out. Cut it off. Whatever it takes to remove the sin needs to be done.

It may takes months or even years to complete the process, but the final result will be spiritual health. The doctor did tell mom that there will be scar tissue left behind. And I know that all sin leaves behind scars and ugliness – but a scarred life is always better than death.

Today starts the treatment, but I am not talking about mom, I am also talking about you.


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